Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (Natural Search)

What is Search Engine Optimitsation (SEO)?

SEO short for Search Engine Optimisation, essentially is the 'Optimisation' of your website to help build it's natural position within the Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL.
Fewer users today enter a web address directly into the address bar; instead they have quick access to Search boxes within their web browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox and often set their default page to link directly to a Search Engines such as Google.

Users type within the Search Engine 'Keywords' they associate with your company to locate your website.

Search Engines scan websites to find content that best matches the 'keywords' the user have entered. Search results are then displayed in the order considered to be the most relevant.

By ensuring content, images, meta tags, links and Social Media are set-up correctly and are as informative as possible, Search Engines will consider your website more relevant and therefore display your website in a higher position of the Search Results.


Why choose Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation can help to increase the number of leads generated through your website and increase your Return on Investment. If you have a small online marketing budget SEO should be one of the first Online Marketing solutions to consider.

Unlike Pay-Per-Click the results are not immediate and can take a few months for Search Engines to scan your website and update their details but the returns can be far more cost effective if done correctly.

Both SEO and PPC will increase the traffic to your website and therefore increase the number of conversions you receive, when used together they compliment each other to ensure your website is promoted to your most relevant and targeted customers on the internet.


What will be included?

It is important that we understand your company, product, market audience and your customers, with this information we can ensure that your website appears in the correct results and is targeted to the right customer. We do this through online research and working with you to gather this information as no one knows yours customers better than you do!

Once positioned we review your website and make changes to the Meta tags - keywords, title and description, image tags and content (ensuring the text is rich in keywords and links to relevant pages)

To measure the website's performance and ongoing optimisation Google Analytics tracking and Webmaster tools are added. These provide additional insight into how users are interacting on your website, how they have found the website and information about the user, as well as how the Search Engines are reading your website and it's positioning within Google.

XML sitemap and Robot Text files are created and submitted to Search Engines with information about your website including the number of pages, their names, importance and what pages should be 'indexed' and which shouldn’t.

Where there are a number of companies offering similar services within an area Google have started to display a map with these companies' positions pin-pointed, displayed above the natural search results, it is therefore important to create an up to date and relevant Google Map listing to catch your potential customers' attention above your competitors.

We Link build with a number of directories and research relevant websites and Social Media sites to update and build awareness of your company online, this also builds stronger recognition within the Search Engines and helps to increase your natural rankings.

With an increase in traffic we review analytical results and conversions using this information to identify new possible marketing activities, also looking at the flow paths users take and what changes can be made to direct the flow of traffic to relevant pages to increase your conversions.


Why Choose a Monthly Optimisation Package?

Not one element of the above on it's own is more important than another, a combination of all methods are required to influence your natural rankings, this requires time and cannot be completed in one month and is best suited to an ongoing monthly programme.
Whilst certain elements need to be implemented first, many need to be continuous, moving with current times and the forever changing websites and Social Media sites hosted online.



With a monthly Optimisation Package we provide you with a report at the end of each month to ensure you are aware of what changes have impacted your website's traffic, including, New and Returning Visitors, Location, Traffic Sources, Conversions, Website Rankings and recommendations for future developments.


Search Engine Optimisation Search Packages

Set-up Package (1st Month)




  • Meta Tag analysis and recommendations (keywords, page title and description)

  • Review Alt Tags (image tags)

  • Sitemap Creation and submission to Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL

  • Robot txt Creation and Submission to Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL

  • Set-up and Add Google Analytics Tracking

  • Set-up & Verify Google Webmaster Tools

  • Reports after first month's optimisation


  • As above

  • Review Site Content

  • Review and submit listing to top directories

  • Create Google Map Listing

  • Set-up Goals in Google Analytics

  • Reports after first month's optimisation


Included in either package

Ongoing Monthly Packages




  • Link Building

  • Review and update web content to further optimise website text

  • Update Website & XML Sitemap to include new pages

  • Create and update Social Media Profiles i.e. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Update Directories and lisiting

  • Monitor Meta Tag performance and amend to increase performance


  • As Above

  • Research current affairs and update news pages

  • Respond to blogs were your products and company name are referenced

  • Consider new web developments to increase conversions

  • Research new places to advertise


Included in either package

NB. Only a selection of Natural and Paid search tasks may be performed
each month, this is dependant on requirements and time allocated.


We have packages to meet everyone's needs if you have any questions or need more information make sure you contact us today on 01635 597668 and ask for your bespoke package.


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