Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Why Choose an Email Marketing Programme?

Emails allow you to stay in touch with your customers, keep them up to date with new products or industry news and reinforce your brand message and awareness, keeping your company's name fresh in the mind of the viewer.

They are one of the most cost effective methods of online marketing and when used correctly, permission based emails can be your number one customer acquisition and retention tool.


Regular Emails

Whether you have your own creative material or wish us to design an email template for you we can meet all of your requirements.

Make sure you stay in contact with your customers by sending out monthly emails about Sales, Special Offers, Company and Industry News.

Emails can be segmented by Subject line, Content and even Time and Date, sending to small subgroups at a time to measure the best conversion and then deploying the remaining bulk to ensure emails are relevant and produce high conversion rates.



Target customers who don't open their emails, haven't shopped with you recently, buy specific products or located in particular regions, these are just some of the things you can do when remarketing to your customers, all helping to increase brand loyalty and awareness, returning customers and most importantly 'Return on Investment'.


Data Management

Why would you continue to send information to your customers who no longer exist due to their email addresses expiring, costing you time and money?

We look at your existing Data Lists and cleanse them, removing email addresses that bounce, suggesting new ways to get unopened emails 'Opened' and new strategies to increase and build your existing Data List.



We provide you with monthly reports and suggestions on how you can further better your email campaigns.

From these reports you will be able to gain a more informative understanding of your customers - what products they are interested in and how and when they like to shop.

We will provide you with, Delivery, Bounce, Open, Click-through and Conversion Rates.

Using this information to tailor future email campaigns to targeted groups increasing your 'Returns on Investment'.

Email Campaign Packages

New Set-up Package

Email Template Design for Remailing

HTML Build and Testing of Email Template for Remailing

Design and HTML build of Send to a Friend Page

Monthly Packages (Remailing)

Remail of email template without any changes

Newsletter / Sales Email Design

Newsletter / Sales Email Copywriting

Newsletter / Sales Email HTML build and set-up

Newsletter / Sales Email Set-up only

Postcard Email Design

Postcard Email Copywriting

Postcard Email HTML build and set-up

Postcard Email Set-up only


Optional Extras

Questionnaires and Surveys

Database cleansing

Landing Pages

Dynamic Content

We have packages to meet everyone's needs if you have any questions or need more information make sure you contact us today on 01635 597668 and ask for your bespoke package.


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