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Do your customers know where you are?

Make sure you're listed on Google Maps Business Listing.

The internet and Search Engines are the forever growing popular place to search for businesses more than anywhere else, it's therefore important your business listing is in a prominent place and easily found by search engines making sure it's your details your customers are seeing not your competitors.

Why is a Google Business Listing important?

Clever Online Marketing Google Maps Business Listing

This has become even more important over the last year as Google places more emphasise on local business listings demonstrated each time a search containing a recognised trade and town or postcodes is performed Google now displays the Business Listings above the organically generated results.

Providing the viewer with great immediate access to local businesses but annoyingly pushes your hard earned natural listing further down the page resulting in fewer clicks!

Google has created some basic Business Listings for a few companies using information from another source. If this has been done for your business you are able to claim the listing as your own and edit it to optimise it's performance in local searches, but left untouched it is unlikely to perform as well as your competitors and their details could be shown above yours.

What We Can Do for You...

Clever Online Marketing has worked with other companies such as yours to increase the performance of their Google Business Listing, in some cases increasing a website's visibility by 131% and generating an extra 15% of visitors.

We work with you to understand your business's requirements and optimise your Business listing to make sure your name is in front of your customers.

How Much Will it Cost?

For the New Year Clever Online Marketing is offering a one-off cost of £100 to get you listed on Google Maps Business Listing, this will include the following:

  • Set-up of a Google account with your personalised access

  • Research of your competitor’s and company's keywords

  • Create categories relevant to your company and in-line with your competitors.

  • An optimised written short description of your company.

  • Complete company information including, payment types, opening hours and facilities.

  • Upload company logos and images

  • Review of your website's content to optimise the business listing

  • Create and upload any vouchers or coupons you wish to offer

  • Consider possible reviews and suggest options to encourage your customers to add their comments.


As well as Google Maps we also offer business listings and profile creations on other sites such as Yahoo, BView, LinkedIn and Zoom.

Contact us today to make sure your business is listed on Google Maps Business Listing and your customers are seeing you, not your competitors.


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